Grundfos Facebooks the future

During Facebook’s 10th birthday celebrations recently, it was announced that they had an incredible 1.23 billion users. With its breakneck pace of acceleration continuing unabated, it is estimated that 24 million people in the UK alone log into Facebook every day.

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Grundfos bear all

Set in 55 acres in Fife, the Scottish Deer Centre has evolved to become a centre for many more species than the fourteen types of deer that today call it home.  Other residents include wolves, otters, wild cats and birds of prey and this growing family were recently joined by two brown bears called Nellie and Lockie.

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S-tube cleared for take-off at Heathrow

Heathrow Airport has seen dramatic changes, from humble beginnings in 1930, to the present day. The infrastructure to support such a complex transport hub has also undergone some significant changes.

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Golden moment for Grundfos

Back in 1964 The Beatles were topping the charts, Tokyo was playing host to the Olympics, the nation was glued to The Fugitive and it was also in this year that Grundfos Pumps opened their first office in the UK. 

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