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Grundfos IE5 motors are officially super

Every Olympics has the ambition to leave behind a strong legacy.  This is because all host city’s want to make sure that they build on the momentum and positivity generated not just by the games themselves, but also by the venues that surround them. This expectation has fallen short in the past; London has however continually bucked this trend.

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Campus has lessons to share

Energy as well as CO2 savings have become increasingly important targets to realise reductions in for many universities and other educational establishments. There are some occasions when it is possible to simultaneously achieve these ambitions and this is true in the instance of pumps, as they provide the potential to deliver major savings on both fronts.  

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Grundfos pumps around the home

Grundfos - pumps around the home

We are all aware that pumps are at the heart of many operations in the home and work tirelessly to deliver water to where it is needed, when it is needed. For example, ensuring that water is circulating to deliver the optimal heating system to keep a house/building warm can be achieved with a Grundfos UPS2 15-50/60, an ALPHA2L or a new ALPHA3.

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Grundfos has issued a safety warning about an earlier model of its CONLIFT pumps produced on or before week 47 in 2007. Pumps from that period may pose a dangerous fire risk under certain circumstances. 

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