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Biggest event ever in Bjerringbro DK
The village of Bjerringbro will be really multi-cultural in the coming weekend. 1,000 Grundfos staff from 55 countries will meet for the international sports games, the Grundfos Olympics, held in Bjerringbro and its surroundings with the headline of ”For Teambuilding and Friendship”.
New Perspectives in green Energy
A broader range of solar driven pumps makes green solutions more attractive for more
Grundfos reduces electricity consumption
All Grundfos companies worldwide are checking their pumps and motors and will, if necessary, replace them with new energy-efficient ones.
The EuP ready range
Get the complete overview of HVAC OEM circulator platforms for boiler/heating, heat pump, solar thermal, sanitary hot water and micro CHP systems. Download the new EuP Ready Range brochure.
Carsten Bjerg met Putin
When the Russian Prime Minster, Vladimir Putin, visited Denmark yesterday to meet, among others, the Danish Prime Minister and the queen, Group President, Carsten Bjerg got the opportunity to talk to him.
First 25 years in the Middle East celebrated
For 25 years, Grundfos has been present in the Middle East and this was duly celebrated this week.
Grundfos won Transatlantic Business Award
Grundfos has been named the recipient of AmCham Denmark’s 2011 Transatlantic Business Award.
Talented students challenged by Grundfos
Students from universities all over Europe are invited when Grundfos Challenge is challenging their ability to devise innovative and creative solutions.
New alliance ensures safe water
New partnership –“Southeast Asia Clean Water Initiative” – underway to serve at least 50,000 people
Super metal makes pumps green
Neodymium is the name of a raw material that makes Grundfos pumps energy efficient.