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Grundfos S-tube a tried and tested technology
Prior to the release of the new S-tube, Grundfos approached a water company in the north of England with a view to involving them in the development and testing of this new impeller technology. A combined sewage and storm-water pumping station was selected that had a history of pump blockages. The pre-trial pumps were tripping on a regular basis due to excessive ragging.
The (not so) humble domestic circulator
Today we would never walk into a shop and look at the identical piece of electrical equipment we had bought some 5-10 years previously, as we would be aware that we could buy a much better product. But is the same true of other, perhaps even more fundamental energy using products that are to be found in every house and building in the UK such as the humble domestic circulator?
Innovative technology helps dairy-giant in Swedish idyll
Three or four years of waiting for an expansion of the capacity at the municipal sewage treatment plant in Vimmerby, Sweden, made Arla choose a much faster alternative. Now, Grundfos BioBooster cleanses the waste water so efficiently that it can be discharged into the idyllic landscape close to Astrid Lindgren’s native town.
New Grundfos Product Center is now open
Making the correct pump selection for any given circumstance can be complex. Over the years different tools have been developed to help people make the correct choices for their specific application.
Grundfos MAGNA1 and MAGNA3 families now complete
The pump circulator market has been through dramatic changes in recent years, driven by a combination of product innovation and legislative changes.
The heat is on for the new Center Parcs
The recent opening of the £250m Center Parcs Village at Woburn Forest is expected to increase visitor numbers to these popular UK holiday destinations to over 2 million per annum.
Supporting Sporting Scotland
In recent years Grundfos have proven themselves all over the world as the pump supplier of choice when it comes to major sporting events. Perhaps this is because of the truly innovative nature of the Grundfos product portfolio or the breadth of the range can answer virtually any application demand. Or perhaps it is due to the depth of knowledge and experience Grundfos can draw on globally and then deliver locally, not just during an event but also in legacy.
British Superior Seals is Supplier of the Year
O-rings and seals from Superior Seals make sure that pumps from Grundfos stay water-proof. The British company has just been elected Supplier of the Year 2013 for their high quality products and for thinking innovation and development together with Grundfos.
Looking for the answer in the ground
It has been a dry year in Australia. Very dry. Especially in Central Queensland, where the lack of rainwater is taking its toll. The land is thirst¬ing, and the demand for groundwater is making record sales for submersible pumps.
Grundfos – the perfect match in Brazil
World-class sports events call for world-class surroundings fitted with the very best pump solutions. When the referee sets the ball rolling in Brazil this summer, there will not only be adrenalin pumping through the veins of players and spectators alike – there will be a number of Grundfos solutions pumping away as well.