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GEA acquire Hilge
The Grundfos Group recently announced that they have accepted an offer from GEA to acquire Hilge sanitary pumps from them.
Great service at Wimbledon
With 41 courts to keep irrigated, ground staff have their work cut out to maintain the Wimbledon grass courts that are so famous all around the world. Water therefore plays a significant role, but this is not just about watering the courts, as to achieve the absolute perfect playing surface, each court has to be watered to meet its own precise needs. In fact during the two weeks of the Championships up to 160,000 litres of water are used to keep the courts perfect, depending on weather ...
Grundfos TPE2 and TPE3 the energy efficient choice
The TPE2/TPE3 are an extremely energy efficient range of in-line pumps. In fact all TPE2/TPE3 models with their Minimum Efficiency Index of 0.70 well exceed legislative demand that currently stands at 0.40.
The story of an entrepreneur that became a modern day fairy tale
70 years ago saw an extraordinary industrial story start to unfold. In 1945, in a small town in Denmark, a man was asked to supply a water pump to a nearby farm – he did. His name was Poul Due Jensen, an entrepreneur, who was technically gifted and full of initiative and this was the start of Grundfos Pumps.
Conlift safety warning
Sporting the Grundfos logo
It started with Columbia….Vietnam….Serbia….and the list of 55 countries continued to file past, finishing with the UK…..Germany and in final position Denmark. This was the line-up of countries at the opening ceremony of the Grundfos Olympics that saw 1,200 Grundfos employees, from 55 countries gather together in Denmark to participate in 26 sports during the Grundfos Olympic Games.
Important framework win for Grundfos
Severn Trent Water have announced a new contract for the supply of submersible wastewater pumps between 0-69kW, plus the relevant spares and accessories, has recently been awarded to Grundfos Pumps.
10 out of 10 for the Grundfos Ecademy
Here is a quick guide to the Grundfos Ecademy - a free digital training tool and information platform:
Grundfos permanent magnet motor joins ECA list
The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme is a government scheme that was introduced in 2001 to encourage businesses to purchase energy efficient products and thereby help to reduce CO2 emissions.
It's in the can
We all open various cans daily, but few of us give much thought to the processes involved in the production of the can itself. But the facts are that each can has already been on an interesting journey before it gets to you.