Grundfos Group President Danish Leader of the Year


Grundfos Group President Danish Leader of the Year

The Grundfos Group President Carsten Bjerg was recently announced as the Leader of the Year by the most prestigious leadership award in Denmark.

This is something Carsten is very proud of and something that he sees as a positive affirmation for the – not just for him – but for the business. Accepting the award Carsten said “it’s an honour. You only get an award like this when you are spearheading a successful organisation. I see it as a token of how well Grundfos is performing. Grundfos’ results have been noticed and the conclusion must have been that Carsten must be doing something right!”

In the rationale given for awarding Carsten this accolade the judging panel stressed that Grundfos had, in spite of the recession, achieved a rise in turnover and expanded their market share whilst at the same time increasing their investment into research and development. This they felt testified to innovative leadership.


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