Grundfos take the biscuit


McVitie’s - Novalobe

With a history dating back to 1830, the manufacturing process has dramatically changed since Robert McVitie opened his first shop in Edinburgh. Today McVitie’s are part of United Biscuits and operate from a total of five sites across the UK. At their largest site in Harlesden in London alone, they produce an incredible 23 million biscuits a day making this the largest biscuit factory in Europe.

A production process involving very abrasive liquids that have a very high viscosity puts pressure on the process pumps involved within the production procedure. Older traditional solutions often mean frequent leakages that require extensive maintenance work. This was the position for McVitie’s back in 2009 when the incumbent pumps were frequently experiencing leaks that required extensive repairs every 6-7 weeks. So when Grundfos Pumps initially established contact with McVitie’s and introduced them to the Grundfos NOVAlobe concept, they were very interested as they needed to find a solution to this problem.

The NOVAlobe family are rotary lobe pumps that are specifically designed to provide reliable, efficient and hygienic operation even under the most demanding condition. These pumps have been designed to pump very viscose media and also meet the highest hygienic standards including achieving EHEDG accreditation.

Today McVitie’s are continuing to replace pumps with Grundfos NOVAlobe pump options and the company continues to be very pleased with this pump solution.

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