Shepherd Neame brewery


Shepherd Neame brewery

The Shepherd Neame brewery in Kent is the oldest brewery in Britain and can trace its official history back to 1698. Within the brewing process itself, little has changed over the years in terms of taking the four basic ingredients used: water, barley, hops and yeast and combining them together to create the world’s 3rd most popular drink after water and tea - beer.

Today certain parts of the manufacturing process benefit from advances in engineering, so when Grundfos Pumps were contacted about the existing 35 year-old wort pump that had reached ‘end of life’, this offered the opportunity to upgrade to newer technology. Following discussions a Grundfos Hilge MAXA which is a long-coupled end suction pump with a low pressure seal flushing arrangement was selected. This pump is used as a casting pump within the hot wort circulation in the copper vessel when the hops are added in the brewing process and this is just one member of the specialist family of hygienic pumps from Grundfos.

The success and longevity of the Shepherd Neame brewery can be partially linked to the water used in the process that is drawn from an on-site aquifer. The water is naturally filtered through a layer of chalk on which Faversham sits, and this purifies the water, which gives the beer its distinctive flavour. Grundfos are now playing their role in the process and the brewery is very pleased with the result, and has commented that “this is the best performing pump we now have on site”.


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