Water Activites

We need to think water wise

Lars Aagaard

We want to take part in handling the world’s ever rising water issues. In a new publication, Grundfos puts focus to what we have done in the past year to help spare the precious resources.

Global climate changes and social imbalances are putting an ever growing strain on the world’s water situation. As floods, droughts and pollution have become everyday problems in big parts of the world, water in the right quality, at the right place, at the right time and in the right amount is becoming a global challenge.

Grundfos is part of the answer to these challenges by for instance pioneering sustainable technologies and initiating various water activities. Some of these activities are described in a new publication from Group Sustainability, named Grundfos Thinks Water Wise.

In the preface of the publication, Lars Aagard, Group Executive Vice President, states:

"We take our responsibility seriously both as a business and as an active partner of the local community. We engage in open dialogue, partnerships and activities with our stakeholders; because we believe that it is only through collaboration that we can make a difference."

See the publication here

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