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Fire fighting

Fortunately, fire fighting equipment is only rarely in use but in case of an emergency you want to be able to completely rely on the efficiency of it. And reliability is exactly what Grundfos' durable fire fighting pumps offer – on the mainland as well as offshore.

The fire fighting solutions for mainland applications include entire pump systems, complete with jockey pumps and main pumps that are either diesel or electrical driven, while a dedicated range of Grundfos offshore pumps is available for vessels and oil rigs. The pumps efficiently handle all extinguishing media – from water to foam – and can be dimensioned to perfectly match the specific requirements of any application.

Naturally, all Grundfos fire fighting pumps and pump systems comply with existing regulations and certificates. Because more than anything, what we want to provide you with is peace of mind.

Important notes

  • Grundfos Fire Systems are a very important part of our wider portfolio and today we can provide a wide range of electric and diesel driven pumps to meet the requirements of BS5306: Parts 1 & 2, BS 9990, BS 9251, BS EN12845, BS DD 8458, and NFPA 20.


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