Washing and cleaning



Washing and cleaning

Washing and cleaning are essential in all industries – either as an integrated part of a process line or as a separate unit. Choosing Grundfos pumps for your stationary or mobile applications is the high road to reliable performance and impressive efficiency.

The washing and cleaning range comprises dedicated pumps for the following applications:

  • Bottle washer
  • Part washer
  • Car wash
  • Mobile washing systems
  • CIP
  • SIP

Single-stage, multi-stage, lobe and immersible pumps alike have been optimised to withstand the aggressive detergents, the very high temperatures and the numerous starts and stops they are exposed to in a washing and cleaning process. Pumps for washing and cleaning applications are available in sanitary as well as non-sanitary versions.

Fitted with a frequency converter from Grundfos' E-solution programme the compact pump easily operates at three different pressures: dispersing the soap at low pressure, spot cleaning at high pressure and washing down at even higher pressure.

Naturally, all pumps for washing and cleaning can be supplied with dosing pumps that accurately dose the exact amount of detergent.


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