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Ready-made pump stations help Philippines’ growing water issues
A speedy implementation process makes for a helping hand as the Philippines’ need for water management increases.
Grundfos COMFORT PM delivers instant hot water
Did you know that Grundfos have an advanced secondary hot water circulator pump in their portfolio? It is called the COMFORT PM and it has been specifically designed to recirculate domestic hot water, in a pressurised system.
Grundfos launch new 5 year guarantee scheme
Grundfos are delighted to announce that they have launched a new extended guarantee scheme. This initiative will offer a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee on their popular ranges of intelligent MAGNA3, TPE3, NBE and NKE pump models purchased after 01/05/20, at no extra charge.
Healthy outlook for hospital site
Back in 1729 a 4-bed hospital opened on Quartermile in Edinburgh, it was the first voluntary hospital in Scotland. In 1879 the site was transformed into a architectural gem with a distinctive baronial style when it metamorphosed into The Royal Infirmary.
Hydro Micro-E the compact booster that delivers
In 2015, Grundfos Pumps used their extensive experience to design a range of reliable, cost-effective, flexible, energy efficient and user friendly, 2 pump variable speed booster sets.
Edinburgh welcomes whisky galore
Historic Princes Street in Edinburgh is the new home of a £150m investment, that will be the focal point for whisky devotees from all over the globe.
Grundfos booster sets are on track to deliver
With an extensive and reliable range of WRAS approved booster sets, Grundfos Pumps have combined their years of expertise in developing precision booster sets, with their knowledge of market demands.
Grundfos enter into agreement with Eurowater
Grundfos Pumps have recently announced that they have entered into an agreement to acquire Eurowater.
Grundfos training to appeal to your webinataion
Well known for their innovation pump solutions, Grundfos also apply this premise to their approach to deliver their customers with knowledge and to maintain the information flow to customers.
Edinburgh Printmakers start a new chapter
A former rubber factory and brewery complex in Fountainbridge, is now the home of the Edinburgh Printmakers. This heritage building has attracted much interest and attention and has been the recipient of many awards, both for the project itself, as well as its social impact.