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Lessons learned with Grundfos Ecademy
One of the biggest problems all of us face is to find the time to access information that would be useful to us. Often this is ‘nice to have’ information that entails our being able to find the time to learn about more general business-related topics.
The Grundfos COMFORT PM gets you into hot water
It is a concerning fact that every year in the UK, a typical family of three living in a household with a conventional one string plumbing system discharges up to 16,000 litres of clean water - straight down the drain - as they wait for hot water.
E-place your pumps with Grundfos
Today the Grundfos Product Center (GPC) is well-known as the ‘go to’ pump selection tool of choice for an increasing number of industry professionals. This could be because much thought and consideration went into its design to deliver an online tool that would make choosing the right pump solution as straightforward as possible.
Grundfos iSolutions gets you into the flow
Powered by Grundfos’ understanding of water technology, the iSolutions hub has been developed to offer water professionals an integrated approach that will allow them to look at the entire system in order to ensure optimised operations.
Royal Papworth Hospital enters new era
Papworth’s first association with the field of medicine began back in 1918, when it was designated as a specialist TB treatment centre. Over the years it gained a pioneering reputation as a centre of excellence for transplants.
Grundfos can help when you’re on the GO
Getting hold of a specific internal OEM pump can add a significant amount of time, delay and cost to a job. In response to this, Grundfos Pumps have created a smartphone app, the GO Replace (available on both iOS and Android), that uses a look-up database to confirm if their new UPS3 domestic circulator will be a suitable replacement.
Be right at home with Grundfos
At Grundfos, we are proud of our reputation for supplying many of the homes in the UK with dependable heating circulators. However, there is much more to Grundfos than this, and today, we can offer a surprisingly large and sophisticated product portfolio.
Grundfos deliver a second term
At Grundfos we understand that you are busy, but also that you are also keen to find time to learn more about pumps, so we are pleased to offer you a range of training options.
Harnessing the energy at Glastonbury
When a veritable army of enthusiasts descend on the mystical Vale of Avalon, they are there to experience what has become a music and aesthetic phenomenon that is just synonymous with Glastonbury.
Fire protection matters with Grundfos
With 28 classrooms, an additional 4 nursery playrooms plus a library, all combined in a single modern unit, the recently opened Wallyford Primary School in East Lothian is ready to meet its School of the Future billing.