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Built to order
Offsite build is today recognised as providing a vital solution that is helping to overcome a range of issues currently being experienced, for example, the industry wide skills shortage. These pre-engineered solutions tick all the boxes in terms of the coordination of a range of elements from planning and design, through to fabrication, the actual assembly of components, plus all required testing.
Grundfos know the questions to Aske
The Haberdashers’ Aske School in Elstree is a leading independent school for girls of 4-18. Originally established in 1875, it is a well-respected name within the education sector. Their aim is to help each pupil attain their individual potential.
Meet the new Grundfos team line-up
At Grundfos we understand that for you to be successful, you need the right team behind you, so we are delighted to announce our new and improved domestic circulator line-up who are ready to meet all the challenges of the heating season.
The Grundfos Ecademy has a curriculum to suit your needs
The Grundfos Ecademy has built up an enviable reputation for successfully delivering a range of product and industry related bite sized training topics, that can all be accessed 24/7 from a smartphone, tablet or computer.
Grundfos have a cool solution for you
Effective and efficient cooling and air conditioning are subjects that are much in focus after the record summer we have all experienced. This has put pumps, as they lie at the heart of any circulation system, very much in focus. When it comes to air conditioning, Grundfos have a long history of supplying reliable and intelligent pumps that guarantee the performance and effectiveness of a range of applications, that includes delivering the ideal ambient temperature.
Grundfos MAGNA1 simply the smart choice
Since the MAGNA family launched back in 2001, we have been constantly re-visiting the range to ensure that it continues to encompass the many demands that are required of a modern circulator and can be used in various applications.
Sporting spotlight is back on Glasgow
With the sporting spotlight on Glasgow for the second time in recent years, this historic city is once again acting as a major sports event host, this time for the European Championships.
Surfing with Grundfos
With tens of thousands of new and returning visitors each month, the Grundfos website is a popular place for everyone working with pumps to access information they need to support them.
Luzhniki the stadium of dreams?
The raised voices of 81,000 supporters that will be resounding around this huge stadium that has already witnessed many sporting firsts in its 60+ years history from 7pm on Wednesday, will be nothing in comparison to the roar of the crowds that will be gathering up and down the country to cheer the English lads on.
From Russia with hope
Millions of English fans will be trying to cope with the temperate and pressure at 3pm tomorrow. The Samara Arena will fare better as they will have 57 Grundfos pumps that have been designed to cope with the most testing circumstances.