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The Grundfos CONLIFT raises the game
Condensate can be a real problem when it cannot be removed by a natural gravity fall.
What the papers say
White papers have become an important source for specialists to learn more about specific complex issues in bite sized chunks.
A wine for all seasons
Wine making is one of the oldest professions in the world, as its origins can be traced back to c. 6000 BC, to the ancient tribes of China.
Grundfos are on course
Finding the time to fit in everything that we’d like to achieve, can be a real challenge. At Grundfos we know that you are busy, but that you are also keen to find time to learn more about pumps, so we have put our efforts into finding some solutions.
Grundfos help to share the load
Finding the relevant information that you need can be a challenge. However, recent statistics show that today more people are successfully finding the information that they require when they visit the Grundfos Pumps website, as we are seeing year-on-year growth of a huge 40% in file downloads.
Grundfos provide powerful solutions
At Grundfos, we may be better known for our range of circulators, however pumps are also part of our wider DNA and we offer many other specialist ranges, including domestic booster pumps. These products are designed to deliver the water pressure to a shower and other bathroom fittings, they will also provide the boost required to overcome insufficient mains water supply, to guarantee the demands to match any home or building’s needs.
BREXIT Statement
Due to continued uncertainties regarding the potential outcome of Brexit after the 29th March 2019 deadline, Grundfos has decided to take some immediate pro-active actions to prepare our business, pending the final outcome.
Getting the balance right
Maintaining the correct pH balance at their lumpfish hatchery is very important to Dorset Cleanerfish. This specialist company nurture these fish through their developmental stages, until they can be shipped to fish farms in Scotland to perform their real role of getting rid of the lice from salmon.
Grundfos focus on installers
Some years ago, Grundfos created a centralised information hub called Grundfos for Installers. This platform was designed to gather together a wide range of information that is especially relevant to plumbing professionals.
Grundfos go beyond the pump
Pumps are big energy consumers that currently account for 10% of global electricity and many are needlessly inefficient.