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Making waves for water and the world
Women from all over Europe are fighting for a better world at the Global Goals World Cup in Copenhagen.
Fire protection matters with Grundfos
With 28 classrooms, an additional 4 nursery playrooms plus a library, all combined in a single modern unit, the recently opened Wallyford Primary School in East Lothian is ready to meet its School of the Future billing.
Grundfos UPS3 the pump that adds up
Effective, reliable and efficient are the three watchwords that are important when it comes to choosing a new domestic circulator and the Grundfos UPS3 delivers on these elements and much more besides.
Pump selection takes Center stage
Making the right pump selection can be a complex process as there are many variables that need to be taken into the mix. This is why Grundfos Pumps have spent many years refining their online selector The Grundfos Product Center.
Staying in control at Glastonbury
As music festivals go, they don’t get bigger or better than Glastonbury. The logistics of putting on an event for over 200,000 people is mindboggling and ensuring the availability and accessibility of sufficient clean water is just one aspect
Global Company of the Year Award for Grundfos
With offices in 40 countries and established since 1961, Frost & Sullivan are a trusted and respected name in management consultancy.
Grundfos have the last word in end-suction pumps
When you need to be able to rely on your end-suction pumps, look no further than Grundfos Pumps who are a proven, reliable, innovative name in delivering these solutions.
Grundfos MAGNA1 now with inbuilt versatility
With stacks of experience under its belt, the Grundfos MAGNA family has been on an evolutionary journey since its 2001 launch as the range offering is constantly revisited.
Putting Braemar on the map
Following a 2-year restoration, the Fife Arms Hotel in Braemar a very popular hotel - originally built in the 19th century - recently reopened its doors.
Could your pumps benefit from a health check
Older pumps not only consume too much energy, they are also prone to failure that can adversely affect your business and your maintenance budget.