Encouraging year end results from Grundfos


Encouraging year end results from Grundfos

Grundfos have recently announced their 2017 results that has seen them return their best set of figures to date.

Overall results were generally strong across the globe, this included China as well as many European markets, including the UK, who also enjoyed solid growth. 

This success is attributable to a number of factors including Grundfos having made considerable investments in initiatives aimed at strengthening their competitiveness, as well as launching new products and solutions.  Additionally, Grundfos aim to take a more customer-centric approach, as close partnerships and business relationships inspire better solutions and services.  

In terms of the future, Grundfos have ambitions to offer the best digital customer experience available to the market.  This will involve ongoing investment in a broad range of digital tools that will be developed through collaboration with customers to understand how to create value through digital solutions that will further strengthen their core business.