The right design for engineers


Grundfos for Engineers

When Grundfos wanted to create an on-line hub for engineers, they knew the best place to start was by speaking to a number of specialist engineers, from different backgrounds, all of whom had one thing in common - their roles meant they needed to specify pumps.

Regardless of whether you are a commercial or industrial engineer or work within the wastewater segment, you will find information that has been specifically designed to work with you. The topics covered are as varied as: building in higher performance into both small and large projects, how to design water extraction in diverse conditions, a wide range of case studies from around the world, or can you opt to watch a video from different Grundfos product experts on a host of themes.

With direct links to the Grundfos Product Center (GPC) a pump selection tool that will help you to specify the ideal solution for both new and retrofit applications, or you can access some training support via the link from here to the on-line Grundfos Ecademy that is open to visit 24/7, you can choose what suits your specific needs.  

Today our Grundfos for Engineers platform is continuing to evolve and it will always benefit from our listening to what engineers need to help support them. Perhaps this is why is has become a favourite with the thousands of engineers who visit the UK site.  Check it out for yourself by visiting