Waste not want not


Waste not want not

A specialist waste management company with over 300 sites in the UK are committed in their ambition to transform waste into reusable energy and high quality recyclable materials. As part of their overall environmental strategy, they recently worked with Grundfos Pumps to assess the savings potential of replacing some obsolete spilt-case pumps with new high efficiency options at one of their sites.

In order to ascertain the current pump performance, Grundfos undertook an energy check and the subsequent detailed energy check report showed that by replacing the indicated pumps, a huge saving of 297,840 kWh per annum was achievable.

The decision made to replace the old pumps with Grundfos high-efficiency variable
split-case options has proved to be a great success with the new pumps demonstrating their reliability, while delivering a 70% energy saving and all this with a return on investment of just 2 years. To find out more visit www.grundfos.co.uk

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