Bigger, Better, Smarter……….with Grundfos


The perfect fit - Domestic circulator range 2014/15

2014 has been an important year for Grundfos Pumps. This is not only because they celebrated their 50th anniversary – having first opened in the UK in 1964 - but also because they have been listening to what customers have been requesting and have consolidated the domestic circulator line-up to meet these demands.

The campaign has the overall theme of The Perfect Fit and this translates into:

Bigger: the new UPS2 25-80 and 32-80. This is the perfect energy efficient replacement for old Grundfos UPS light commercial circulators up to 8m head. British built, their simple familiar design makes them an ideal and cost effective like for like choice.

Better: the market leading UPS2 15-50/60. Built in the UK and designed specifically to meet the needs of UK installers looking to upgrade from old UPS 15-50 and 15-60 pumps. One compact model replaces 5m and 6m pumps. Available as a complete pump or just as a pump head for easy fitting.

Smarter: the new ALPHA2. This pump clearly demonstrates Grundfos’ genuine commitment to innovation. The new ALPHA2 is the most advanced domestic circulator on the market and has been confirmed by independent TÜV tests as the most energy efficient.

This now means that Grundfos have the right answer to whatever demand you may have for a domestic or light commercial circulator application. So regardless of whether you have a job that requires a nominal head anywhere between 4 and 8m you will get the perfect fit by selecting one of the family,

With a reliable family of circulators that can cover either a standard 1-3 bedroomed, larger 4/5 bedroomed house or a very large domestic or light commercial application where there is a boiler of up to 50kW, this new Bigger – Better – Smarter range has the solution.

All these models offer a wide range of modes, some of which come as standard such as a proportional pressure mode which delivers improved energy efficiency as well as reduced noise in twin pipe systems. Other modes such as constant pressure and AUTOadapt are available depending on which model is selected. In addition all of the pumps already meet the EuP/ErP efficiency demands - not just for now - but also for the stricter legislative requirements that will come into force next year (2015).

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