Clearly a great solution


Clearly a great solution

When Portsmouth Aqua (a division of Portsmouth Aviation) were looking to develop a water purification system, they turned to Grundfos Pumps to work with them to produce a complete engineering solution. The aim was to deliver a unit that could, at the press of a button, produce sustainable clean water.

Developing a product to meet such exacting demands was always going to be a challenge. However, with the expertise and in-depth pump solutions knowledge of their Grundfos contact, Luke Gardener, who applied his 13-years of technical knowledge and application know-how, a precision solution was devised. These units not only deliver clean water, but the design means that their power consumption and wasted water use are considerably less than other industry equivalents. 

Today these sets are capable of supporting a range of applications where the demand to deliver clean, high quality drinking water from a poor-quality water resource, is now a reality.  An obvious beneficiary is in humanitarian aid situations where the ability to deliver clean water can be lifechanging.  Agriculture and farming will also benefit, along with a wide cross section of industrial and healthcare applications.

This product is sure to be clear winner, as indeed was Luke himself at the recent Pump Industry Awards where he was announced as winner of the coveted title of Engineer of the Year, for his innovative approach and engineering prowess. 

Watch the video below to find out more.