Enriching ideas from Grundfos


enriching ideas

As a nutrient, phosphorous is an essential factor in the growth of plants and therefore plays an important part in food production.

However, naturally occurring phosphorus, is a limited resource and because of this, recycling of phosphorus and new ways of extracting it, have become key.

Today in Denmark, Grundfos Pumps are partners on a project, where new technologies for extracting phosphorus from waste water are being tested.

There is vast potential in extracting phosphorus from waste water but the process does present challenges and complexities. However the research that is now underway is seeking ways to extract and make use of this scarce resource in a sustainable way. In fact it is hoped that the test plant can be developed to enable the extraction of 60 per cent of the phosphorus from the waste water.

As a partner on the project Grundfos are supplying highly specialised components for the extraction of the phosphorus in the shape of dosing pumps, booster systems and controls for the purification plant.

This is a good example of how existing solutions can play a part in a new project where a technology already exists, but can be deployed in a new way and interesting way.