Green Deal boost for Grundfos circulators


Grundfos circulators

The potential energy saving opportunities that are delivered by modern domestic circulator pumps have recently received an important acknowledgement.

This follows on from extensive and lengthy pump industry lobbying, that means the BRE (British Research Establishment) have now agreed to include circulator pumps in the government’s Green Deal scheme. This now means that the whole range of Grundfos circulators including the popular UPS2, ALPHA2L and ALPHA2 families are included.


The Green Deal has been designed to help consumers make energy-saving improvements to their homes without having to pay the costs in advance. Instead the associated costs of the improvements can be paid back over time with the resultant savings covering the repayment costs.


This is perhaps not surprising as modern day circulators now draw as little as 5W. All this means yet more good reasons to choose a Grundfos circulator.


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