Grundfos contribute to Danish WWF accolade


Denmark - global leader on climate change and energy

Denmark may only be a relatively small country with just 5.5 million inhabitants, but when it comes to being decisive and ambitious about climate change, it certainly punches well above its weight. This was clearly demonstrated recently when they were awarded the WWF’s highest accolade “Gift to the Earth”.

The WWF looked at a variety of aspects and noted that as a nation they had very ambitious climate and energy goals. However it was the fact that the WWF recognised that Denmark demonstrates that it is possible to promote a sustainable society while at the same time delivering a balance between a successful economy and societal welfare.

Playing a significant role in the arrival at this decision were well known clean-tech companies – like Grundfos – who it was noted clearly demonstrated that it was possible to deliver good business results out of green solutions.

At Grundfos Pumps we have been working towards contributing to a more sustainable future for many years. We have done this not just through improving the efficiency of each successive generation of pump solutions but also by ensuring we reduce our own energy demands. Grundfos are proud to be recognised as contributing to looking after the Earths’ resources today, so we can help deliver a healthy planet tomorrow.