Grundfos Facebooks the future


Grundfos Facebook Engineering page UK

During Facebook’s 10th birthday celebrations recently, it was announced that they had an incredible 1.23 billion users. With its breakneck pace of acceleration continuing unabated, it is estimated that 24 million people in the UK alone log into Facebook every day.

Originally a medium for keeping in touch with friends and family, it has recently evolved to become a multi-comms forum for the sharing of information and views. With the lines between work and leisure increasingly becoming blurred Grundfos Pumps in the UK recognised Facebook to be an important vehicle and have now set-up a page – in support of their iSolutions platform – that will assist in getting the most out of complex integrated pump systems.

Initially focussed at professionals working with designing commercial buildings services and working with pumps in the industrial sectors, it is expected that this Facebook page will become a key area for sharing a range of information and an important driver in the world of pump engineering in the future. Check it out for yourself here