Grundfos gives business a healthy boost


Hydro MPC-E

Today, there is a huge reliance upon packaged pump sets to deliver sufficient water to meet the demand - regardless of the application.

However to ensure that any booster set is fit for purpose, it pays to get the advice of an expert such as Grundfos Pumps. Take a recent case study that involved an international healthcare company who are based in the west of Ireland. They approached Grundfos to look at providing a replacement pump solution to deliver 120m3/h @ 6.5 bar to replace two existing pumps.

The energy consumption was measured over a one month period and the results showed that a demand of 240m3/h was only required very occasionally. Therefore to replace the existing pumps with others that delivered the same peak flow requirement 24/7 would be a huge waste of energy. Instead, simply by installing a Grundfos Hydro MPC variable speed booster set, it was estimated that they could reduce their energy bill from €40k p.a. to €17k p.a. - a massive saving.

The final booster selection comprised of 4 vertical multistage centrifugal pumps, complete with CRE64-4-2. The Grundfos CR pump range is renowned for their efficiency and reliability, and the length and breadth of the family makes them the ideal choice in virtually any industrial situation.

The set has now been up and running for some time and the energy results that are being realised are even greater than the original estimated €23Kpa saving and are in fact closer to €25K.

With an outcome like this the message has got to be that to reassess before you replace any pump(s), because the resultant savings could mean a return on investment in a much shorter time period than you may have thought possible.