Grundfos have a cool solution for you


Grundfos have a cool solution for you

Effective and efficient cooling and air conditioning are subjects that are much in focus after the record summer we have all experienced. This has put pumps, as they lie at the heart of any circulation system, very much in focus. When it comes to air conditioning, Grundfos have a long history of supplying reliable and intelligent pumps that guarantee the performance and effectiveness of a range of applications, that includes delivering the ideal ambient temperature.

Pumps also have a major influence on how efficiently other individual components in a circulation system work, as they exert a major influence on the overall system performance. That’s why it is important to focus on pump selection when designing in a new or a retro-fit air-conditioning system. With Grundfos, you have access to the expertise and experience to help you find the best selection and our controls and integrated frequency converters will ensure maximum system intelligence, flexibility and the lowest life cycle costs. 

By choosing Grundfos’ electronic speed control pumps you can be assured of intelligent pump operation that will always match the system loads. Plus, these operating profiles can be adjusted to meet both seasonal and climatic changes, so we can make sure you are ahead of the game, so you can be ready if we get another summer to rival 2018.

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