Grundfos practice what they preach


Grundfos Fresno site during construction

Grundfos, who are rightly proud of their reputation for developing energy efficient pump solutions, are also a company who believe in practising what they preach. This is clearly evident at their Fresno manufacturing facility in California; they have recently developed one of the largest rainwater recovery projects undertaken by a private company in the USA.

With a price tag of $1.7m the project included building two retention pools and installing a modern irrigation system, whose purpose is to irrigate the landscape around the 180,000 square foot building.

This latest project follows from a 2009 initiative that saw Grundfos install a 7.5 acre solar farm behind the plant that now supplies 40% of its annual electricity needs.

This latest initiative will mean that the 6 million gallons of potable water used for irrigation previously will be saved. The system will collect the water from the roof, solar farm and car parks and this will be stored in the retention ponds the first of which can hold almost 2 million gallons of water – enough water for a years’ irrigation. The second pond could be used to hold water to help recharge Fresno’s aquifer. The water will be cleaned naturally when it passes through plants that remove dirt and other pollutants.

All this is part of the Grundfos wider ambition to minimise their impact on the environment, both directly through product development as well as indirectly through the use of resources.