Grundfos take on the copycats


Grundfos take on the copycats

Pumps may not be the first things you think of as a target for copycat manufacturers’. However, pump specialists in the UK such as Grundfos who are part of the industry pressure group BPMA have been in active dialogue with the NMO (National Measurement Office). This has been to make them aware of their growing concerns over illegal pump imports from countries such as China.

This situation has been exacerbated since new legislation that only allows for high energy efficiency products to be made available to the European marketplace as non-conforming ‘look alike’ products are now starting to be seen in the marketplace with concerning regularity.

There are excellent reasons why only efficient pumps to be available to the market, as pumps account for 10% of the world’s electricity consumption. So spending time with the NMO to help them to identify pump products that are being illegally imported is seen as being time well spent – as we all deserve to get what we pay for.

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