New Grundfos Product Center is now open


Grundfos Product Center

Making the correct pump selection for any given circumstance can be complex. Over the years different tools have been developed to help people make the correct choices for their specific application.

At Grundfos we have recently put a lot of time and money into developing a new on-line search and sizing hub that has replaced the current WebCAPS tool and are delighted to announce the introduction of a new generation pump selection tool the Grundfos Product Center.

So today the new Grundfos Product Center is open for business. This new hub is an exciting online selection tool that will help you to size pumps for any need, find information about any Grundfos pump or pump replacement, find pumps for moving special liquids, and even manage complex installation and replacement projects.

It is simple to navigate as the Grundfos Product Center has been designed to take you quickly to the new product you need for your installation, or to a product you need information about or wish to service. The Grundfos Product Center features a streamlined design that makes finding what you need quick and easy. For ultra-fast sizing, try the “Quick Size” function. Just enter values for head and flow, and the Product Center does the rest.

Once you’ve arrived at a pump’s product page, you’ll find all data relating to the product in question. The top panel of the product page is where you’ll find:

  • performance curves with adjustable curve settings
  • a picture of the pump
  • dimensional drawings
  • a motor curve
  • wiring diagrams
  • available spare parts and service kits
  • any available 3D drawings.

This provides an exhaustive picture of the pump, its design and its capabilities. The bottom panel of the product page details the pump’s technical specifications and provides access to a quotation text, any available videos, downloadable supporting documents, available CAD drawings and system parts.

Once you have located the pump you want, you’ll find pump-specific documentation, CAD drawings, spare parts and service kits, and instructional videos – all on the pump’s product page.

Find out the many features, options and benefits that the new hub can deliver by simply clicking here – while you’re there why not sign up as a registered Grundfos Product Center user. Because as a registered user, you will get access to recent searches, products and other items, and the ability to save items for future reference – including entire projects 24/7.

Which all means the new Grundfos Product Center is open for business whenever you need it.

Watch the short introduction video to the Grundfos Product Center  

Click here to watch the video on YouTube