One year on from circulator legislation


one year since legislation changed - domestic circulators

It is one year since legislation changed the circulator market in Europe forever. This change has meant that all glandless standalone circulators, with the exception of those specifically designed for primary circuits or thermal solar systems and heat pumps need to have an energy efficiency index (EEI) of less than 0.27. With other ever stricter changes scheduled to take place in 2015 and 2020.

The Grundfos domestic circulator range delivers an energy efficiency index as low as 0.15 and runs on as little as 5W. The benefit of fitting these very efficient pumps is something which is becoming increasingly clear with recent, and seemingly ongoing, energy price hikes and the huge numbers of households now recognised as being in fuel poverty.


The energy saving opportunities that these products offer have recently received an important acknowledgement, as following on from extensive and lengthy pump industry lobbying - the BRE have agreed to include circulator pumps in the government’s Green Deal scheme.


The Green Deal has been designed to help consumers make energy-saving improvements to their homes without having to pay the costs in advance. Instead the associated costs of the improvements can be paid back over time with the resultant savings covering the repayment costs.