Ringing in the changes


telephone changes

At Grundfos we are constantly reviewing the service levels we provide to our customers to maintain the highest standards and our aim is to work towards offering our customers a World Class Sales Office. This has involved reviewing various aspects of our operation including how best to service our general telephone traffic across the country.

We know that telephone access to our internal support teams is an area that is of high importance to you as feedback from various research projects has consistently listed this as such. To date making contact with our sales office could have its complexities due in part to our having multiple sites and the number of telephone options available.

In order to improve the telephone delivery and indeed our overall offering, we have invested in an updated telephone system and are looking to support this with a redeployment of our internal sales staff into roles that better fit todays’ demands.

As of 4th March 2013 there will be only one main telephone number for you to remember for all Grundfos sales enquiries, regardless of whereabouts in the country you are:

01525 850000

You will then be asked to select an option as to who you wish to connect with and be routed through to our customer services team who will react to your enquiry. This customer service team will in turn be supported by a quotations team who will answer technical enquiries and prepare the more complex quotations; as well as a specialist order fulfilment team. In this way we believe we will best utilise the expertise of our personnel to reflect the current demands made on the business. In addition we are retaining one central fax number 01525 850011 and one email address for all general sales enquiries grundfosuk@grundfos.com .

Although this is a fundamental change to how you have interfaced with us until now, this change is based on a formula that has been introduced in other Grundfos companies with good success and is not something we would undertake unless we believed the result would truly benefit both of us in the longer term.