Less downtime when pumping in aggressive environments

Grundfos can help you match pump materials to the media to be pumped.

The combination of stainless steel build quality and our proven abilities with hydraulics ensures reliable operation without pump failure because of corrosion, erosion, or a combined effect.

With the wide range of Grundfos centrifugal pumps you will find a pump suitable for your application. Whether it is seawater, freshwater, recycling, wash and clean, or cooling or heating. 

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A recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) is a type of fish farm where water is circulated and recycled in a closed system. This is quickly becoming one of the most environmentally-friendly and low-emission ways of producing animal protein, and RAS installations are growing rapidly – about 8 % annually – around the world.

For all pumps in a RAS installation reliability is critical for the operation; pump failure can result in the death of hundreds ofthousands of fish. Many different pumps are used in the recirculating process, and the extreme conditions either require specialised material variants or ceramic coatings on wetted parts.

Grundfos has worked with Aquatec Solutions, a global supplier of aquaculture systems based in Denmark, to supply quality, reliable pumps for recirculating systems, tailored for the specific requirements of each fish farm. Working with the customer onthe system design and on delivering a complete pump solutionis essential for the success of the RAS.

Coating for sea water less than 25 °C

In a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS), pumps make uponly a small part of the total costs at the fish farm, but are of vital importance for successful operation, as downtime is critical.

A RAS installation often includes up to 50 pumps, and they run constantly, 24/7, all year. Grundfos delivers specially-built pumps in stainless steel up to duplex quality or with a ceramic coating able to withstand the extreme conditions in constant operation.

Contact Grundfos to ensure correct pump sizing and wetted part coating for the water conditions, and that the pumps are designed for the complete solution, ensuring long pump lifetime.

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All the information you need 24/7

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