Off-site insight


Off-site build started to become an identifiable trend some years ago and in recent years the interest in, as well as the potential for, this type of build has grown considerably.

This method of delivering a solution is called a number of different names, these include: off-site construction, off-site manufacture, build off-site and Engineered to Order although this particular term is usually used for one-off solutions. Regardless of what it is called, the explanation relating to this type of solution remains unchanged - it is a structure that is built at a different location than the actual location that it will be used in. The manufacturing of the solutions occurs in a manufacturing plant that offers specific expertise to facilitate this type of process, with units being constructed in the factory then transported to the site.  

These modular solutions are available from a range of sources and a few specialist pump companies are currently capable of meeting the required standards such as Grundfos Pumps who will supply a total pumping off-site solution. These solutions arrive on site complete with all the necessary pumps, piping, valves and level control switches and are suitable for use in a wide range of application demands including:

  • water treatment
  • fire solutions
  • commercial applications
  • industrial applications.

The complete package

However, regardless of what application it is required for, what this delivers is a complete solution that will incorporate all aspects from planning and design, through to fabrication and the assembly of the required components that are built and tested at a location other than their final installed location. With so much potential to support a wide range of applications that would benefit from boosters, pumps, control panels and ancillary items to be shipped as a single unit and delivered to site ready for installation.

It is little wonder that there has been such an amount of interest in this as this type of engineering solution as there are a huge range of benefits such as these packaged solutions offer a reduction in costs, lead time and installation time. In addition Health & Safety risks are significantly decreased plus there is less associated waste.  

It is also important to select a partner who has the capacity, knowledge, expertise as well as the necessary accreditations such as the Grundfos manufacturing plant in Sunderland that is a recognised centre of manufacturing excellence that offer customers design, build, assemble, test and distribution from under one roof, making this a streamlined and very cost effective option. 

This is certainly true in the case of wastewater pumping stations, where the pump pit, pumps and controls are combined to suit specific requirements for each individual application. And the good news continues as the Grundfos off-site build package also ticks many other boxes. 

These include:

  • reduced Totex
  • reduced H&S risks
  • reduced civils footprint
  • reduced installation set-up and commissioning timescales.

Importantly this approach also delivers a reduced environmental impact, a much reduced CO2 footprint as well as a reduction in wastage.

Example of a packaged plant fire solution

Fire power

Another great example of the flexibility offered by off-site build was demonstrated in a solution provided to B&Q. With a stock profile of around 40,000 lines - many of which are flammable – means a state of the art fire suppression system is a high priority for them. To meet their demand a bespoke packaged pump house solution that was manufactured to order and met the most stringent criteria.

The solution, a pre-packaged pump house, was delivered to site complete with the pumps – in this instance 2 x LPCB high hazard diesel pumps and with the necessary pipework, valves, wiring, heating, lighting and drainage, all packaged within in an insulated steel enclosure and mounted on a structural steel baseplate. The unit was off loaded and installed, ready for use, in just a few hours.

It’s a wrap

With so many potential applications that can be supported by this type of solution as well as the huge range of benefits that it offers, it is of little surprise that off-site build is gaining in popularity and will continue to do so into the future as these systems have the flexibility to consistently deliver a complete solution to a myriad of demands.