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Heating circulators 2018

Meet the new line up

At Grundfos we are very proud to have been at the forefront of technology when it comes to developing the domestic circulator. We also understand that for you to be successful, you need to be able to rely on a great support team. To help to deliver this, we have been continuing to invest in our domestic circulator range to ensure that we can bring you the very best players.

Our new heating season 2018-19 is the most exiting yet, and we are pleased to introduce a range of improvements plus an exciting newcomer. 

Meet the new star player

UPS3 15-50/65

This year we are delighted to announce a new signing to the team - the UPS3, this new player combines improved energy efficiency, an easier to wire plug and on-board diagnostics with stalwart features such as ceramic bearings and shafts, a manual deblocking port and robust start-up functionality.

The clever design features don’t end there, as the new UPS3 can be used not only in system installations but also inside many of the UK’s domestic boilers.

ALPHA1 circulator pump

ALPHA1 15-50/60

Pitching up and replacing the mid-range ALPHA2L, is the new ALPHA1 that offers the highest efficiency on the market and the flexibility to cover 5 or 6m applications with one pump. In addition, the ALPHA1 will deliver the highest possible energy savings in comparrision to older technnology. 

ALPHA3 ciculator pump

ALPHA3 15-50/60

Launched in 2016, this small circulator caused quite a stir due to its capacity to offer hydronic balancing. Today, this award winning pump now incorporates wireless electronics for even simpler system balancing and monitoring, without the need for a separate ALPHA Reader. 


Replacement guide 

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