Pumps for Boilers


When it comes to boilers and heat pumps, there are plenty of reasons why you should care about the quality of the pump inside.

Install boilers and heat pumps that work quietly - and keep your customers happy

Your customers may not care about the components within their boiler or heat pump. But, if it results in a product that creates unwelcome background noise, you can be sure they'll start to pay attention. At Grundfos, we design all our pumps to produce as little noise as possible, meaning no matter where you install a boiler or heat pump, with Grundfos inside - you can reassure your customers that a noisy pump will not be an issue.

Save 3-4 hours when balancing hydronic systems

With our GO Balance app, we've made hydronic balancing easier than ever for a selected range of boilers. Ask for a boiler with GO Balance and save up to four hours in installation time by letting the app guide you through every step of the process. That's not all. The app provides automatic reports on boiler performance, as well as access to previous balancing results.

Reduce your risk of call outs

Once you’ve installed a boiler or heat pump for a customer, you don’t want to waste time getting called back for product or installation malfunctions. That's why you should work with the highest quality products - from the inside out. With a Grundfos pump inside, you can avoid common issues such as blockages, background noise and electronic errors, keeping your customers happy and saving you time to focus on more important things - such as your next installation.

Improve your customers’ energy consumption with pumps that exceed industry standards

We don’t just design our pumps to ensure any boiler or heat pump you install meets energy regulations. We design our pumps to go above and beyond industry standards, keeping your customers’ energy consumption well within the boundaries of the Energy Efficiency Index. Saving them money while supporting the environment.

The best heating systems are created when you have components that fit perfectly

For you and your customers, overall performance of a heating system tends to be the primary focus, with little attention paid to individual products and components. We've been developing pumps for boilers and heat pumps for decades - all with you in mind. With every functionality optimised to increase total system performance, we'll take care of the smaller details. Trust us, we've done it before. In fact, more than 120 million times.

The circulator range

The circulator range

Discover our industry-leading circulators and how they are improving heating and cooling in residential and commercial applications.


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