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The WIN AND EARN scheme is part of a wider Grundfos for Installers (GFI) programme hub and by signing up to any element, means you are agreeing to receive e-mails from Grundfos with information on both the WIN and EARN as well as other related products, services and promotions.  We will always provide the option to unsubscribe from such e-mail communications.

The Win and Earn Module is a part of the Application which offers the possibility to participate in competitions and collect points.

This Win and Earn competition and programme is for professional pump installers only – company owners/managers and their employees. The promotion launched on 01/10/2015. The webpage referred to is located at www.grundfos.com/win. From time to time Grundfos Pumps Ltd. reserve the right to amend these T&Cs.

1.1. THE WIN AND EARN PROGRAMME – for company owners

The Win and Earn programme is for pump installer company owners/managers within the UK who are 18 years old or older. A company owner is defined as the person who owns a professional pump installer business with zero or a number of employees. As some companies are not managed by the company owner himself/herself, a manager who is responsible for the purchase of pumps in a company will be deemed to be the company owner for this promotion. At the sign-up page you will be asked whether you are owner/manager or employee. You will then have a chance to enter a product code in the Application. The code can be found on the outside the pump packaging of relevant participating products as defined by Grundfos.

As owner/manager you get points when buying and registering a qualifying product. You also earn points if you have employees who buy and register a product, when they register that they work for your company. There are various product categories in the promotion.

The points earned during the campaign period can be exchanged for gift cards on Amazon at www.amazon.co.uk or for a voucher that can be exchanged for sports goods at gfi.sportified.com

Once you decide to exchange your points for a voucher, you will get a code, which you can use as full or part-payment towards the purchase of goods from Amazon UK or Sportified. No minimum purchase sum is applicable.

- 2000 points have a value of £10 Amazon voucher or a €20 Sportified voucher.

You can exchange your points for vouchers at any time before 31st March 2018.  Points will automatically re-set on 1st
April 2018. 

The points cannot be exchanged for cash or other products/goods and can only to be claimed from the online voucher partners that are designated as part of the programme. Entrants must accept the prize in the form offered, no alternatives will be available.

The points earned in the promotion must have been earned and redeemed in the UK. You cannot earn points in one country and redeem in another.

You are only allowed to register a code and earn points if you or someone within your company has bought a minimum of one product from the participating Win and Earn Grundfos product families. If Grundfos suspects any fraud has occurred, Grundfos will exclude the person committing the fraud from the Win & Earn campaign and may take steps to recover the cost of vouchers obtained fraudulently. 

As individual circumstances vary, recipients are responsible for any tax liability linked to rewards from the programme.


The Win and Earn competition is both for employees of pump installer companies, and company owners/managers. An employee is defined as a person who is formally employed at a pump installer company. At the sign-up page you will be asked whether you are owner or employee. You will then have a chance to enter a product code that can be found outside the pump packaging of the designated products.

Purchase is necessary to participate in the competition.

You will receive get one ticket for the relevant monthly prize draw per product you register, regardless of whether you are an employee or an owner/manager.


The competition will run until the 31 December 2018. The winner will be drawn at random from all valid entries and winners will be contacted directly via email. The draw will take place within the first week of the subsequent month to which the claim was made.

It is however a precondition for the employees’ participation in the win and earn competition, that their superior has given consent to the employee’s participation and to the employee’s receipt of the prize if the employee wins. It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure the employee’s superior consents to his/her participation in the win and earn competition.

If an employee wins a monthly prize and the manager/company owner has signed the company up for the Win and Earn promotion, the manager/company owner will get an email to approve the employee’s receipt of the prize. In case that the manager/company owner did not sign the company up for win and earn, Grundfos will contact the employee in order to receive his/her superior’s written approval. If Grundfos does not receive the approval from the manager/company owner/superior, the employee will not be able to receive the prize and a new winner will be drawn.


Prizes may vary during the promotion period and will be detailed in the GO Install app. 

The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or other products/goods.



2.1 Read our Privacy Policy in this link that describes how we process your personal data in relation to WIN & EARN.



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