Bottle washing



Bottle washing

High pressure, high temperatures and aggressive chemicals are commonplace in bottle washers. Designed to endure such challenges, Grundfos' multistage end-suction pumps offer efficient and reliable operation throughout the washing cycle.

The robust pumps, easily handling temperatures up to 120°C are available in cast iron as well as in stainless steel. The latter material makes them suitable for bottle washing processes where even the most aggressive detergent is used. Sophisticated digital dosing pumps are available for accurately dosing chemicals and detergents of all kinds.

Naturally, all pumps for this specific application have been specially designed to be able to perform as efficiently hanging on the side of the bottle washer as they would have standing solidly on the ground.

Detergents used in bottle washers can be very aggressive.Grundfos' specially designed pumps for bottle washers are available in stainless steel, which is resistant to even very aggressive media.


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