Cooling and Refrigeration



Cooling and refrigeration

Cooling is the very nerve centre of many industrial applications – from sanitary process lines across cooling towers to machining processes. This calls for highly reliable solutions and with Grundfos by your side you are guaranteed optimum performance of both primary and secondary refrigerants.

Grundfos’ coolant pumps expertly handle brine, glycol and ammonia as well as the more challenging refrigerants carbon dioxide and CFC. This versatility along with a strong focus on the type of shaft seal required to optimise safety, durability and efficiency in a specific application is what set us apart from competition. Naturally, any cooling or refrigeration solution can be supplied with dosing pumps that ensure very accurate dosing of chemical additives.

As a full-line utility supplier, Grundfos is also able to provide you with customised air-conditioning solutions as well as very compact pumps for chillers in the machining industry.

Secondary refrigerants require circulation at very low temperatures.Grundfos offers a special coolant pump capable of handling liquid temperatures down to -55°C.
High viscosity or liquid density of the refrigerants can cause motor overload, which potentially leads to downtime.Grundfos offers oversize motors that easily handle viscosity and density.
When temperature control is part of the process, the pump material is potentially stressed because of the continuous thermal expansion and contraction.By applying one of Grundfos' speed controlled pumps the temperature is constant.
Cooling and refrigeration may require pumping of flammable liquids.Grundfos’ MAGdrive is specially designed for the pumping of hazardous media. The completely leak-free pump ensures that the liquid cannot escape its closed circuit.

Important notes

Grundfos provides ATEX-approved motors and pumps for explosive environments.

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