Tertiary Treatment



Discharging purified wastewater to a sensitive area or using it for irrigation requires tertiary treatment such as filtration and/or disinfection, in what is called the polishing phase for waste water. Grundfos can supply pump systems for the varying demands of this stage of wastewater treatment.

Sand filters are the most commonly used technology but other technologies such as drum filters and membranes can also be used for filtration. Whatever the filter technology applied, reliable flow and pressure must be maintained by the pumps system for both feeding and backwashing the filters. Particulate matters are retained in the filter through straining, adhesion and interception. The retained matter will increase the pressure loss in the filter and has to be removed either continuously or when the pressure drop reaches a given limit.

Centrifugal pump systems available in a range of flow capacities and for dry or submerged installation ensure the correct feeding of the filters. The Grundfos Hydro MPC range of multistage pressure boosting systems means sufficient pressure for backwashing is available.

Following filtration, the water can be disinfected before discharge. Grundfos can supply complete dosing systems for large or small volumes and based on different disinfection technologies. Grundfos disinfection systems can be tailored to your needs and dosing requirements.

Disinfection is used in the treatment of wastewater to substantially reduce the number of microorganisms and thereby increase effluent quality. Used today in most wastewater treatment plants, chemical treatment is highly effective for the job at hand.

With a range of electronic accessories Grundfos offers a complete control of your dosing and disinfection processes can be seamlessly integrated into your system. Grundfos has the specialist knowledge to do this and can tailor a dosing station utilising chemicals as either concentrates or ready-to-use solutions, according to your requirements, the relevant safety procedures, chemical storage, and your existing system.

Traditionally, chlorine compounds are the most widely used method for chemical disinfection of wastewater. Grundfos can advise and supply disinfection solutions using chlorine compounds such as chlorine gas (Cl2), sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), and chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Control and monitoring systems increase the potential for improving both efficiency and reliability.

Grundfos can supply the specialist expertise to help meet your performance objectives, from the initial identification of needs, to the selection, installation, operation, and maintenance of the pumping solution and dosing system. Grundfos commissioning agreements ensure correct installation and service agreements cover all eventualities, from routine maintenance to spare parts.

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