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GT diaphragm and bladder pressure tanks
GT diaphragm and bladder pressure tanks are suitable for domestic and industrial applications
High Hazard Fire Set
High hazard pumps are used in sprinkler installations to protect commercial and industrial properties deemed as highly combustible from the effects of fire. Every system is designed specifically for each individual site requirement. The units have LPCB approval to the latest standards and are red book listed.
Home Booster
The Grundfos Home Booster is a self-contained cold water booster set, designed for domestic properties where the existing mains water supply is insufficient to meet the demand requirements of pressurised hot and cold water systems.
Hydrants and Wet Risers
Hydrant or Wet Riser pumps are used in installations to provide water to outlet points within a building or around a site. This ensures the fire brigade will have access to water remotely from the fire truck or from difficult/impossible to reach areas.
Grundfos Hydro GTI booster sets that have been specifically designed to meet the demand for variable (Hydro GTI E) and fixed speed (Hydro GTI S) 1- and 2-pump booster sets (with integrated tanks).
Hydro Multi-E pressure boosting building service applications
Hydro Multi-E - an innovative pressure booster system specially designed for building service applications.
This product has been superseded - please see pressurisation and separation equipment for alternative options.
Introducing the ALPHA3
Introducing the ALPHA3
IO111 signal converter module - converts sensor signals - for pumps
IO 111 signal converter module used for converting sensor signals from Grundfos S pumps.