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JP jet pump self-priming, single stage centrifugal pump
JP is a self-priming, single-stage centrifugal jet pump.
LC-LCD level controller - for wastewater pumping stations
Basic pump controller for waste water pumping stations.
MAGNA/UPE circulator pump - heating, cooling, hot water
Small, medium and large circulators with communication and electronic speed regulated motor
MAGNA1 circulator pump - heating, cooling, hot water
The MAGNA1 circulator pumps are designed for circulating liquids in heating systems with variable flows where it is desirable to optimise the setting of the pump duty point, thus reducing energy costs.
MAGNA3 circulator pump - heating, cooling, hot water
Small, medium and large circulator pumps fitted with communication equipment and electronically speed-controlled motor
The Grundfos Max-E Boost is a single pump packaged cold water booster set, which uses the latest variable speed E-pump motor technology, to maintain a constant discharge pressure up to a maximum setting of 4.5bar. The speed controlled operation of the Grundfos CRIE 5-8 helps eliminate pipe work noise caused by water hammer, normally associated with standard on/off controlled fixed speed pumps. The Max-E Boost is quiet in operation and its compact size make it suitable for installation in a ...
Mini Monopress
This product has been superseded - please see pressurisation product page for alternatives. The Mini Pressurisation Unit is a compact wall mounted unit, housing either one or two small pressurisation pumps and associated control equipment for...
MP204 electronic motor protector - asynchronous motor
The MP204 is an electronic motor protector, designed for protection of an asynchronous motor or a pump
MQ self-priming pump for domestic - agricultural - horticultural applications
Compact water supply system designed for domestic, agricultural and horticultural applications