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Polydos preparation system for polymers
The Polydos product is a range of simple and flexible as well as economic and efficient preparation systems for polymers.
Pressurisation and Separation Equipment
Grundfos’ pressurisation and separation equipment provides solutions to improve the overall performance and efficiency of heating and cooling installations. The key benefits of these products are to ensure that the fluid in the system is free from air and debris and that pressure is maintained, ensuring that the system runs at maximum efficiency.
R100 remote control for wireless IR communication
This product has been superseded - please see Grundfos GO Remote product page for alternatives. The Grundfos R100 remote control is designed for wireless IR communication
RainJets hydroejector - cleaning tanks - storage of stormwater or wastewater
RainJet is a hydroejector designed to clean tanks temporary storage of storm- or wastewater
S Pump - super vortex single- or multi channel impeller
Pumping of raw water, unscreened raw sewage, water containing sludge, industrial effluent
S-tube impeller
S-tube impeller
SB and SBA submersible booster pump - rainwater and shallow wells
The SB and SBA pump is a submersible booster pump for the pumping of clean water.
SCALA2 water booster pump - perfect water pressure
SCALA2 is a fully integrated water booster pump providing perfect water pressure in all taps at all times