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UPS2 15-50/60 circulator pump - heating, cooling, hot water
The UPS2 is the ideal replacement for UPS 15-50 and 15-60s in domestic heating systems. The UPS2 comes complete with modern motor technology and electronic control which enables it to meet current EuP/ErP standards. The UPS2 comes as a complete pump or as a pump head only.
ALPHA1 15-50/60 circulator pump
ALPHA1 15-50/60 circulator pump
ALPHA3 15-50/60 circulator pump
The ALPHA3 is our newest circulator for domestic buildings. It is of the renowned Grundfos quality and guarantees easy installation, world-class energy efficiency and reliable operation in the toughest conditions.
UPS3 circulator pump
UPS3 15-50/65 circulator pump
UPS 15-50 hot water circulator
A traditional secondary hot water circulator. For secondary hot water distribution to circulate water in the system to ensure hot water is available on demand.
UPS2 25-80 and 32-80 circulator pump - heating, cooling, hot water
The latest additions to the Grundfos UPS2 circulator pump family of British built pumps the UPS2 25-80 and 32-80. These pumps have been specially designed to augment the current range and provide 8 metre options.