CUE series of frequency converters - speed control of pumps



The CUE is a series of frequency converters for speed control of a wide range of Grundfos pumps.

Grundfos CUE is the latest addition to our E-solution programme of speed-controlled pump systems for a series of applications and areas such as industry, building services, municipal or private water supply, wastewater and irrigation applications. This new series of wall-mounted frequency converters with features and functions for Grundfos pumps and special user interface is a complimentary product to Grundfos E-pumps where the pumps are using motors with integrated frequency converter.

With a CUE solution you can control the speed of virtually any Grundfos pump irrespective of size, power range, and application area.


The CUE is a frequency converter for  Grundfos pumps, with a series of predefined functions which makes them easy to use in almost all applications areas. A series of predefined control modes, such as constant pressure, proportional pressure, constant level or constant flow, makes it very easy to set up a system in only a few steps. A special start-up guide will lead you through the set up of the CUE.  

Features and Benefits

  • Speed control of Grundfos pump
  • Simple setup
  • Predefined Control modes
  • Predefined range of sensor
  • Predefined pump family data
  • Shares interface with control equipment
  • Additional functions available
  • Automatic setting of direction of rotation
  • 16 steps to get a system up and running

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  • Easy Start-up guide
  • Predefined settings
  • Energy saving



CUE - Product Brochure

E-solutions with Grundfos CUE (Product brochure)

Grundfos and E-Solutions

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