Grundfos GO Replace smartphone app



The GO Replace (available on both iOS and Android), uses a look-up database to confirm if their new UPS3 domestic circulator will be a suitable replacement. You can check this out by simply scanning the old pump and in seconds you’ll have your answer – quickly and conveniently.  

Once you have downloaded the app, you are just a few steps away from a straightforward and reliable answer that will advise you as to if this is one of the many thousands of pumps that Grundfos can offer you a replacement for.  This is how it works:

1. Take a picture using the app

2. Enter the product number (if the app recognises the number when the pictures is taken it is automatically inserted, otherwise this can be input manually)

3. Select the application where the pump is to be installed – i.e. inside a boiler, an underfloor heating installation, a solar application

4. The app will show whether Grundfos can offer a suitable replacement5. If required, the app can generate a report.

During initial use, the app will request you to provide your name, company name and address and to accept an End User License Agreement (EULA), terms and conditions and the Grundfos Privacy Policy.

All this means that the Grundfos UPS3 offers the opportunity to be a one-stop domestic circulator pump replacement in many OEM type applications such as in the case of boiler repairs.



Any pump replacement must only be carried by a professional installer. The GO Replace app has been designed to suggest if the Grundfos UPS3 circulator could be a possible replacement option. Any suggested replacement is solely based on information gleaned from the existing pump. The GO Replace app should not be used instead of, or to replace your own professional judgement as to whether the Grundfos UPS3 is fit to replace the existing pump. Any replacement decision relating to any heating installation and the replacement process itself will remain your responsibility. As the appointed installer, you will need to accept all terms and conditions before you can access the GO Replace app.

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