Hydrants and Wet Risers



Hydrant or Wet Riser pumps are used in installations to provide water to outlet points within a building or around a site. This ensures the fire brigade will have access to water remotely from the fire truck or from difficult/impossible to reach areas. Hydrant or Wet Riser pump sets are built in accordance to either BS5306:Part 1, or the more recently BS9990 standard. Grundfos can offer either individual loose components or fully compliant packaged hydrant pump skids.

When would I need an Hydrant pump set?

Within the UK, it is the responsibility of the local fire brigade to determine if a wet riser system is required. The fire brigade will look to see in the event of a fire where they may require water to be available from.

The standard for the installation required is dependent on the equipment available to the local fire brigade. From 2006, the preferred installation should be in accordance to BS9990, but some services do not have sufficient high pressure hose availability. In this instance, BS5306: Part 1 may be accepted.

A standard Hydrant set could consist of the following:

  • Electric Pumpset (including pump-end and electric motor)
  • Electric pump controller (star-delta starter with 4 volt-free contacts)
  • Jockey pump (Grundfos CR pump achieving a minimum of 1 bar over the closed valve pressure of the proposed duty pump)
  • Jockey pump starter (direct on-line starter)

What standards is this equipment approved / compliant to?

  • LPCB – Loss Prevention Certification Board (upon request).
  • BS9990 – Code of practice for non-automatic fire-fighting systems in buildings
  • BS5306:Part 1 – Code of practice for fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises for hydrant systems, hose reels and foam inlets.


  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Air force and army bases
  • High rise buildings
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial applications


  • Wide range of end-suction pumps available to suit requirements giving a broad range to suit individual selection requirements.
  • Pumps are engineered, built and tested in Grundfos Sunderland, ensuring the product has passed all quality checks and achieved duty parameters preventing incorrectly sized equipment reaching site.
  • As solutions are engineered in Grundfos Sunderland, we can add additional protection equipment (ie. dry running protection) ensuring individual site requirements can be met.
  • A wide selection of options and accessories are available including pump housing to facilitate the selection of the bespoke equipment.


For more information on how to select a Hydrant pump and other ancilliary equipment that is available please download the data sheet from the brochures tab.

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Hydrants and Wet Risers sales leaflet


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