Oxiperm Pro OCD-162 chlorine dioxide system



Water disinfection is of great importance in all buildings with drinking water consumption, and particularly in buildings that supply shower and bathing facilities. Water disinfection is also essential in applications where water mist is sprayed into the air, for instance cooling towers and evaporative condensers. Grundfos’ chlorine dioxide production system, the Oxiperm Pro ensures safe, clean water to all its end users in buildings such as:

  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Sports and swimming facilities
  • Fitness centres
  • Wellness resorts
  • Residential buildings

Chlorine dioxide is an oxide of chlorine with two oxygen atoms (ClO2) with a completely different behaviour compared to hypochlorite or chlorine gas. It does not react with water, but dissolves physically. Chlorine dioxide kills microorganisms in the water by way of irrevers­ible oxidative destruction of the transport proteins in the living cells.

Because of its high redox potential, chlorine dioxide has a much more powerful disinfecting action against all kinds of germs and contami­nants such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae, than other biocides. The oxidation potential is higher than with e.g. chlorine, which means that significantly fewer chemicals are required. Microorganisms that are resistant to chlorine, for example Legionella, can be killed completely by chlorine dioxide.

The Oxiperm Pro systems produce chlorine dioxide using diluted solutions of sodium chlorite (NaClO2, 7,5 %) and hydrochloric acid (HCl, 9 %). The systems are available in four capacity levels, producing 5, 10, 30 or 60 g/h of chlorine dioxide. This capacity is sufficient to treat up to 150 m3 of drinking water per hour at the maximum admissible concentration of 0.4 mg/l ClO2.

The Oxiperm Pro has the following, unique features and benefits that remain unmatched by other disinfection methods:

- Removes both free legionella and biofilm

  • Legionella bacteria, which grow and reproduce in biofilm as does 90 % of all bacteria in water systems. Biofilm is a layer of slime that exists in water pipes and especially in hot water tanks. Chlorine dioxide diffuses into the biofilm and destroys it from within, whereas other disinfectants only attack the surface of the film.

- No effect on water taste and smell

  • Chlorine dioxide does not form the toxic chloramines and haloforms that are a by-product of chlorine based disinfection methods. In effect, the water neither tastes nor smells of chlorine with the use of the Oxiperm Pro.

- Low life cycle cost

  • Water disinfection with the Oxiperm Pro means reduced chemical use and reduced energy consumption. The chemical use is reduced due to the advanced batch-reaction-technology and the high precision flow measurements that adjust the amount of chemicals to the current flow giving the Oxiperm Pro an extremely low overall life cycle cost

 - Water pH adaptable

  • With chlorine dioxide, no particular pH value is needed, which makes it an extremely flexible disinfectant.

- Long-term effect

  • Chlorine dioxide has the best residual effect of all the available disinfection methods. It stays in the water system for several days, reaches into every crack of the pipe fittings, and even dissolves into dead-end pipes with no water flow.

- Digital dosing

  • The Oxiperm Pro is a digital dosing system which makes it flexible, cost effective and eliminates the risk of overdosing.

- Compact design

  • The Oxiperm Pro has a built-in measuring application, which measures the residual chlorine in the water. It also has an integrated digital dosing pump making it an all-in-one compact solution.


  • Compact design, also for confined spaces
  • Easy installation
  • Low operating costs



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Grundfos has a full range of products that cover the entire water cycle: supply, treatment, distribution and wastewater collection. We can deliver everything from circulator pumps and boosters right through to mechanical and digital dosing pumps with a wide variety of specifications.

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The Oxiperm Pro offers superior water disinfection technology for all types of water systems.

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