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The demand for having the most efficient circulation systems is steadily increasing and at Grundfos we are always striving to provide products and solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. Grundfos’ advanced technological pumping systems and solutions reduce energy consumption and at the same time provide businesses with real economic savings and CO2 reductions.

Grundfos’ new pressurisation and separation equipment provides solutions to improve the overall performance and efficiency of heating and cooling installations. The key benefits of these products are to ensure that the pressure is maintained, ensuring that the system runs at maximum efficiency.

Our equipment improves reliability, saves energy, reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of the system.

Reasons for Pressurisation

There are a number of advantages of using a more modern closed heating/chilling system as opposed to a traditional open system with a feed and expansion tank. The water used in sealed systems is constantly being reused, as a result the dissolved air is taken care of and exposed steel in traditional vessels is not subject to continued corrosion. Closed systems also do not require heavy roof top tanks and the associated pipework; therefore water loss due to evaporation is greatly reduced.

Closed systems reduce installation cost. Their higher flow temperatures and greater temperature drops reduce the systems water circulation needs, enabling a smaller pump and pipes to be used. This combined with replacing the conventional header tank, associated pipework and lagging, leads to considerable savings.

Range Structure

The Grundfos pressure top-up and degassing portfolio consists of three ranges, each with a choice of formats and pump number and available to match a variety of fill pressures.

The Grundfos Product Portfolio

PHT A - Pressure Holding Top-up Range

With a combination of reliable pumps, advanced control and a choice of external communication protocols, the new PHT A range of pressurisation units from Grundfos delivers peace of mind, energy efficiency and maximum system availability.

Part of the extensive portfolio of packaged pumps sets available from Grundfos, these intelligent systems are suitable for use in a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial applications. They are available in 5 series:

  • The PHT A N-Series is narrow format wall mounted unit with a 2 litre break tank and is suitable for large residential or small commercial applications (Up to 2500 litres maximum system volume).
  • The PHT A D-Series is a deeper format wall mounted pressurisation unit with a 4 litre break tank.
  • The PHT A F-Series is a floor standing, top-up pressurisation unit with an 18 litre break tank, for use in medium sized commercial systems.
  • The twin system PHT A T-Series is ideal where space restrictions make it beneficial to locate two systems in a single enclosure. Floor standing, this system combines two high flow, top-up pressurisation units with a single 18 litre break tank.
  • The PHT A V-Series is a floor standing, glycol mixing top-up pressurisation unit. Each time the V-Series tops up the system with water, it also automatically adds glycol from a dedicated tank at a predetermined rate, reducing manual intervention and maximising system protection.

PHD Vacuum Degassing Equipment

PHD (Pressure Holding Degasser) vacuum degassing equipment is used to remove dissolved gasses from sealed chilled and heating systems. Wall or floor mounted, PHD equipment utilises a multifunction digital controller with a simple user interface.

PHD equipment is an advanced product that combines a pressure step principle with a side stream configuration to minimise the effects the main thermal system.

The real-time display shows the status of the equipment while monitoring the system pressure and the health of its own components.


PHD C-Series Floor and Wall Mounted Vacuum Degassers with Top-up Capability

The PHD C-Series is a combined vacuum degassing and top-up pressurisation system. Models should be selected against the required system running pressure and include both wall mounted and floor standing versions.

For more information about Grundfos pressurisation and separation equipment please view the product brochure or contact us.




pressure top-up units and degassers

Pressurisation range brochure

Overview of pressure top-up units and degassers. Published 04/18

PHT Pressurisation unit INO

PHT Pressurisation unit

Installation and Operating Instructions. Published 04/2018

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