SMART Digital, DDA, DDC, DDE intelligent dosing pumps



Grundfos’ SMART Digital range of dosing pumps delivers unrivalled precision in water treatment, and chemical and process engineering; thanks to Grundfos’ state-of-the art Digital Dosing™ technology. The micro-controlled stepper motor drives a turn-down ratio of up to 3000:1, which combined with continuous full stroke length displacement, accurate, smooth and continuous dosing is guaranteed at all times. Easy to operate, easy to supervise SMART Digital’s Flow Monitor alerts you to failures in the dosing process, while the AutoCal function automatically recalibrates the pump in case of fluctuating system pressure. For intelligent flow management and optimum efficiency, get SMART.

Tried and tested Digital Dosing™ solution

Available since 2010, the Grundfos SMART Digital dosing pump range is known for its state of the art monitoring features that ensure dependable, safe, and economical dosing operations, and for its industry-leading accuracy.

The range is available in two size categories:  

  • SMART Digital S (dosing flow up to 120 l/h, pressure up to 16 bar, turn-down ratio up to 1:3000)
  • SMART Digital XL (dosing flow up to 200 l/h, pressure up to 10 bar, turn-down ratio up to 1:800)

The SMART Digital S DDA, DDC, and DDE and the SMART Digital XL DDA and DDE are all based on tried and tested Digital Dosing™ technology from Grundfos. They offer powerful, variable-speed motors, a universal power supply, and a full-PTFE diaphragm that meets the most demanding requirements for chemical resistance and durability. The pumps open up a broad range of dosing applications.


The DDA model is the pump for complex and demanding applications where the focus is on maximum process reliability. In addition to an extended capacity range and a turn-down ratio of up to 1:3000, it boasts FlowControl, pressure monitoring, AutoFlowAdapt and integrated flow measurement. The package for industrial applications is rounded off by additional operating modes such as a week dosing timer and new functions such as auto deaeration.


The DDC impresses with features such as simple, intuitive click-wheel operation and a graphic LC display in more than 25 languages. What's more, all standard modes of operation and inputs/outputs such as analog control or output relay can be integrated into control systems. This pump is suitable for universal use thanks to highlights including the SlowMode (anti-cavitation) function for highly viscous media and the straightforward calibration mode.


The DDE is the cost-effective entry-level model with all the benefits of Digital Dosing such as a maximum turn-down ratio of 1:1000 and smooth, continuous dosing. This one model can replace a whole host of existing models with dosing rates ranging from 0.006 to 6 l/h. The rate is set using a logarithmic scale that runs from 0.1-100 %. The model's straightforward pulse control, external stop function and empty level signal are ideal for basic OEM applications.


  • Disinfection
  • pH regulation
  • CIP
  • Dosing of chemicals and biocides
  • Precipitation and flocculation
  • Filtration
  • Reverse osmosis


  • Drinking water treatment
  • Waste water treatment
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Textile industry
  • Cleaning water treatment
  • Food and Beverage industry, dairies
  • Cooling tower water treatment
  • Low-pressure boiler feed water treatment

Features and Benefits


  • Intuitive and self-explanatory menu
  • Click wheel (turn-and-push knob)
  • Big graphical LCD with four colour “traffic light” concept
  • More than 25 languages


  • Turn-down ratio up to 3000:1 with a dosing spectrum of 0.0025 – 30 l per hour
  • Click-stop mounting plate for quick and variable installation
  • Control cube can be positioned in three ways (left, right, front)
  • Switch-mode power supply for model DDA


  • FlowControl with selective fault diagnosis
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Flow measurement
  • AutoFlowAdapt




SMART Digital S, DDA, DDC, DDE up to 30 l/h (Brochure)

Our new SMART Digital pump family can be flexibly installed in various positions due to its modular construction. With its user-friendly display and menu-structure, the pump is easy to operate. The integrated flow intelligence assures safe and continuous processes, making it an absolutely reliable pump.

Grundfosliterature-4352945.pdf (4 MB)

Dosing and Disinfection


Universal products for industrial, municipal and building services applications

Grundfosliterature-146158.pdf (1 MB)

SMART Digital dosing pumps from 0.0025 to 30 l/h

SMART Digital S, DDA, DDC, DDE up to 30 l/h (Leaflet)

The SMART Digital S generation DDA, DDC and DDE with powerful variable-speed stepper motor brings state-of-the art technology to perfection.

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