SOLOLIFT2 Macerators - toilet discharge and grey wastewater



SOLOLIFT2 is a unique range of compact macerators enabling drainage of any domestic sanitary appliance wherever needed, independent from the gravity drain system. The units collect and pump the wastewater through a thin pressure pipe (>23mm) to the next down pipe – up to 6m high or 100m distance.

An extra toilet or a complete bathroom in an attic or basement must be no longer only a wish with SOLOLIFT2 macerators.

The range consists of 5 compact macerator variants for disposal of domestic wastewater.

3 units, called WC-1, WC-3 and CWC-3, are designed to take wastewater from a toilet and further sanitary appliances.

2 units, called C-2 and D-2, are designed to take grey wastewater from several objects.

The numbers indicate how many additional inlet connections are possible.

SOLOLIFT2 is designed according to the needs of professionals – high reliability and easy, clean service in mind.

The units come ready to use with a plug and operate full automatic when water enters the tank.


  • Extra bathrooms
  • Basement installations
  • Added facilities in hotes and guest houses
  • Bathrooms for the elderly or the disabled

Features and Benefits

  • Unique modular design with smooth line and rounded edges
  • Reliable operation
  • Professional cutter
  • Horizontal or vertical discharge pipe connection
  • Flexible discharge pipe adapters for outer pipe diameters of ø23, ø25, ø28, and ø32mm
  • Thermal overload switch
  • Clean hands service ability
  • Drain down hose connection
  • Optional warning alarm


  • Especially designed for wall-hung toilets
  • Compact and slim for easy integration into the wall


  • Especially designed for high temp liquid wastewater from washing machines or dishwashers
  • Compact and slim for installation under a washbasin or in a closet


    • Ready-to-install
    • Highest reliability thanks to a high performance cutter and motor




    SOLOLIFT2 dimensions and charts

    Literature: Sales Leaflet 05/2017

    SOLOLIFT2 brochure

    SOLOLIFT2 sales brochure

    Release date: 07/2019

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