TPE3, TPE2 inline circulator pump - heating, cooling and district energy



The Grundfos TP family of vertical in-line pumps has been proven many thousands of times over, in a huge variety of applications.

With the introduction of the highly engineered TPE2 and TPE3 pump ranges, Grundfos can now offer the ideal energy efficient solution for many applications including heating and cooling, in commercial building services, as well as in industrial processes and water supply systems. This makes them a welcome addition to the wider TP family. The new pumps ranges are available up to 2.2kW.

But the story doesn’t end there, as these new electronically controlled TPE2 and TPE3 families bring an additional dimension to in-line pumping, via a plethora of improvements. So whether your application would benefit from the new TPE2, offering a flexible option in both new applications or upgrade scenarios, or the TPE3, whose in-built intelligence eases installation and makes self-optimising operation a reality - you can rely on them to deliver increased system performance.


TPE3 and TPE2 are all-round In-line pumps that can be used in all heating, cooling and district energy systems. TPE3 and TPE2 make a significant difference in terms of comfort and system efficiency in several situations. Examples are:

  • One-String Heating Systems - Increase system efficiency and avoid penalties by a TPE3 that operates based on ΔT across the system to avoid increased return temperature.
  • Heat Recovery System - Reduce water temperatures and reduce costs: With a TPE2 pump you can add two temperature sensors and the pump will adapt the circulating flow in the system to what is really needed.
  • Boiler Shunt Pump - Boiler protection and reduced cost of operation: You can now use the TPE3 and an added temperature sensor instead of a normal pump running at full speed. The sensor ensures that the right temperature is maintained at all times.
  • Domestic Hot Water Recirculation - Gain control of hot water temperatures and save: Traditionally, a throttled constant speed pump runs 24/7 to ensure instant hot water, which is a waste of energy. A TPE3 can be applied and put in temperature control mode and the pump will maintain the desired temperature.

Download PDF of TPE2/TPE3 application examples

Features and benefits

  • Low energy consumption – better than IE4 and above the efficiency at benchmark MEI rating
  • FLOWADAPT and other intelligent control modes ensure energy savings, easy commissioning, elimination of pump throttling valve and much more (TPE3 only)
  • Built-in heat energy meters allow you to continuously monitor flow and heat energy consumption* (TPE3 only).
  • Integrated ΔT control saving the costs of a temperature sensor (TPE3 only)
  • Intelligent communication to BMS
  • Large performance range: From 5 to 80 m3/h Quantity and 3 to 25 m Head
  • Temperature range: Liquid temperature: -25 oC to +120 oC; Ambient temperature: -20 oC to +50 oC
  • Cast iron as standard. Stainless steel for single pumps up to DN65

*Accuracy of flow estimation is +/-10% of max flow - not suitable for billing purposes

Comparison of TPE3 and TPE2

 ΔT control with 2 sensors
External sensors only
1 Internal + 1 external sensor or 2 external sensors
 ΔP control with 2 sensorsExternal sensors only
1 Internal + 1 external sensor or 2 external sensors
CONTROL MODESProportional pressure 
Constant flow 
Constant pressure 
Constant differential pressure
Constant temperature
Other Bus Protocols++
Signal relay
Standstill heating
Setpoint influence9 possibilities2 possibilities
Limit exceed 
Operating log+ (via Grundfos GO) 
Flange sensor port tappings++

*Additional input/output information available

• = standard

+ = optional




TPE2, TPE3 product brochure

TPE2, TPE3 product brochure

Release date: 03/15 - Includes an overview of TPE2 and TPE3 range, a comparison chart, application examples and performance chart

Download PDF

3.5 MB - 12 pages

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